1. Nominated for the 2017 Pushcart Prize in Poetry by Ariel Chart
2. Creative Talents Unleashed; Featured Poet, September 10, 2017
A Storm is at Hand
3. Kingdoms in the Wild Poet of the Month, January 2018
4. Third Prize for Vita Brevis January 2018 Best Poem Contest
Beyond the Reach of Time
5. Third Prize for Vita Brevis February 2018 Best Poem Contest
One More Ride
6.  Spillwords Spotlight on Writers, February 2018
7. Spillwords Interview voted Publication of the Month, March 2018
8. Editor’s Choice Award from Vita Brevis Magazine, March 2018
Laundry Day
9. Second Place for Spring 2018 Contest Academy of the Heart and Mind
Rainy Day Charm
10. The Wild Word; Origins Column featured poem and origin story, April 2018
11. Spillwords September 2018 Author of the Month

12. Claredon House, Inner Circle Writers’ Magazine, Cover Featured Poet & Interview, December 2019

13. First Honorable Mention in the Gideon Review Poetry Prize, December 2019
My Garden

14.  Spillwords 2020 voted The Poetic Publication of the Year on
Silver Lace Cloak

15. My bio is featured in the Who’s Who of Emerging Writers 2020 published by Sweetycat Press.

16. Raconteur Literary Magazine 12 Word Stories Contest, 3rd Prize Winner, August 2020
Forbidden Sweets

17. Spillwords Publication of the Month, January/February 2021 on
Embrace Life

18. Nominated for the 2023 Dwarf Stars award of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association.
Another Day, Another Year

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