45 Magazine Women’s Literary Journal
Academy of the Heart and Mind
Adelaide Literary Magazine
Advaitam Speaks Literary Journal (New Delhi)
Agape Review
Altered Reality Magazine
American Diversity Report (ADR)
American Writers Review – San Fedele Press
Anapest Journal
Ann Arbor Review
Apricity Magazine
Ariel Chart
Arts of Poetry
Atunis Galaxy Poetry
The Avocet, a Journal of Nature Poetry
Backchannels Journal
Basil O’Flaherty Review
Best Poetry
Better Than Starbucks
Between Hangovers
Bewildering Stories
Bindweed Magazine
Black Bough Poetry
Black Moon Magazine
Black Poppy Review
Blue Lake Review
Burningword Literary Journal
Cajun Mutt Press
California Quarterly– California State Poetry Society
Carcinogenic Poetry
Carolina Muse
Central Coast Poetry Show
Cirrus Poetry Review
Communicators League
Courtship of the Winds
Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine
Dastaan World Magazine
Day Eight / Bourgeon
Degenerate Literature
Delaware Bards Review
Dissident Voice
Down in the Dirt (Scars Publication)
Dreamstreets Magazine
Dual Coast Magazine
Duane’s PoeTree
DWARTS Magazine
Eclipse Lit
Eos – The Creative Context
Ephemeral Literary Review
Escapism Literary Magazine
Ethos Literary Journal
Event Horizon
Feminine Collective
First Literary Review-East
Foliate Oak Review
Former People
Founder’s Favourites
Fourth & Sycamore
Foxglove Journal
Free Lit Magazine
From the Edge Poetry Magazine
GFT Press – Ground Fresh Thursday
Gideon Poetry Review
Gold Dust Magazine
Halcyon Days Magazine
Hidden Constellations
Home Planet News
ILA Magazine
Impspired Magazine
Indian Periodical
Indiana Voice Journal
In Parentheses
Inquisition Poetry
Inventives Magazine
Inverse Journal
Jitter Press
Kingdoms in the Wild
Kingdoms in the Wild (poet of the month)
La Scrittrice
Leaves of Ink
Literary Heist
Live Encounters Poetry & Writing
Longshot Island
Mad Swirl Magazine
Medusa’s Kitchen
Metaphor Magazine
Minute Magazine
Muddy River Poetry Review
Muse Pie Press – Shot Glass Journal
Mused – BellaOnline Literary Review
Nature Writing
New Reader Magazine
Neworld Press
North Dakota Quarterly
North of Oxford
Now Then/Word Life (UK)
Oddball Magazine
Open Skies Quarterly / Shrouded Eye Press
Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal
Our Poetry Achieve
Outlaw Poetry (France)
Pacific Review
Page & Spine
Pangolin Review
Peach Velvet Mag
Peacock Journal
PearTree Press
Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine (UK)
Pengician (Africa)
Piker Press
Poémame Revista abierta de poesía
Poet Community
Poet’s Espresso Review
Poetic Destinations (Silver Birch Press)
Poetic Diversity
Poetic Sun
Poetica Review
Poetry Quarterly
Ponder Savant
Pomona Valley Review
PPP Ezine
PQ Magazine
Praxis Magazine
Quail Bell Magazine
Qutub Minar Review
Rabble Review
Raconteur Literary Magazine
Ramingo’s Porch
Raven Cage Ezine
Red River Review
River Sandha Review
roi faineant press
Sand Hill Literary Magazine
Scarlet Leaf Review
Scryptic Magazine
Setu Bilingual
Sequoyah Cherokee River Journal
Silver Birch Press
Silver Blade – Silver Pen Magazines
Society of Classical Poets
Sparks of Calliope
Spillwords Press
Straylight Literary Magazine
Sylvia Magazine
Synchronized Chaos
Tangled Locks Journal
Taj Mahal Review (India)
The Beautiful Space – A Journal of Mind Art and Poetry UK
The Blue Nib Magazine
The Closed Eye Open
The Closed Eye Open/Maya’s Micro’s
The Conclusion
The Deronda Review
The Elevation Review
The Fish Magazine
The Ginger Collect
The Hungry Chimera
The Literary Hatchet
The Local Train Magazine
The McKinley Review
The Opiate
The Origami Project – Microchaps
The Paragon Journal
The Raw Art Review
The Remembered Arts
The River – online venue of The University of Maine’s Sandy River Review
The Rye Whiskey Review
The Same – microworks
Sand Hill Literary Magazine
The Scribe
The Siren’s Call
The Squawk Back Magazine
The Starlight Emporium Mini Zine
The Stray Branch
The Weekly Avocet
The Wild Word Magazine
The World of Myth Magazine
The Write Connection
The Writers and Readers Magazine
The Writers Club
Tiny Seed Journal
Treehouse Arts
Triggerfish Critical Review
Tuck Magazine
Turkish Literature and Art
Two Drops of Ink
Ugly Writers
Under the Bleachers
Valiant Scribe
Verse of Silence
Visual Verse
Voice of Eve
Vox Poetica
Weasel Press
West Texas Literary Review
WestWard Quarterly
Wildfire Publications
Wild Goose Poetry Review
Wild Roof Journal
Wildfire Publications Quarterly Magazine
WINK: Writers in the Know
With Painted Words
Writing in a Woman’s Voice;
Zombie Logic Review

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