Two of my poems selected for the Voice of Eve Anniversary Edition

I am absolutely thrilled – THANK YOU everyone who voted for me. My two poems “Living Water” and “Street Corner” were nominated and selected by readers & a panel of judges to be included in the “Voice of Eve Anniversary Edition.” ” Dear Ann, As a Voice of Eve contributor, you were nominated by readers and selected by a panel of judges to be entered into the Anniversary Edition of Voice of Eve (due August 15th.) Entry into the Anniversary Edition includes a $20 prize per poem accepted (please visit to see which poem(s) were accepted.) We can pay you via Venmo or PayPal. Once we have the necessary information, you should should receive payment within 1 to 2 weeks.Congratulations to you, and thank you for being a special part of Voice of Eve. Sincerely, Richard Holleman Editor, Voice of Eve”
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