Turncoat September – published by Central Texas Writers and Beyond 2019: Central Texas Writers Society 2019 Anthology

I somehow missed this when it first came out, but … I just received my print copy.  I am thrilled to have my poem “Turncoat September” included in the Central Texas Writers and Beyond 2019: Central Texas Writers Society 2019 Anthology. Thank you Editor Nicole M. Metts.

Turncoat September

September is when we met.
Four years romanced.
September we were wed.
September was ours,
as leaves turned
and flowers faded,
love continued to grow.

September’s resplendent sunsets.
Twenty three years of
autumn vacations
filled our pockets with
seashells and laughter.
Warm currents, cool breezes
called to us from grassed dunes.

Small shore birds
gamboling with the tide,
warm sun on bare shoulders,
sparkling light dancing
on waves, beckon no more.
Traitorous September storms
now besiege, ravaging paradise.

September took her from me.
Now motherless I mourn.
Her tender touch and wisdom gone.
Ages passed in minutes.
Tears no longer flow,
pain ceased, hers, not mine.
Life follows loss behind a closed door.

September a turncoat
brings sadness
where once joy stood.
Memories now ebb
into a distant mirage.
Shifting tides and changing times,
say goodbye to September.

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