5 Star Review of “Running Backwards in Time.”

Thank you Book Reviewer Theodocia McLean of Book Marketing Global Network for writing a 5 Star Review of my Poetry Book “Running Backwards in Time.”
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Running Backwards In Time is my eleventh book of poetry. This book was originally written as four separate chapbooks, but has been combined into one full length book of four chapters at the request of friends and supporters. In the title chapter I delve into past memories, past events, and found hope. From there I go off in many different directions, including some controversial themes that relate to happenings of the present time. Throw in a little love, and a little color, and there you have it. As always, I hope that you enjoy the journey that you are about to embark on with me. Namaste! 5 Star Review: “Running Backward In Time” is a collection of poetry by author/poet Ann Christine Tabaka. I invite you experience life through the poetry of Ann Christine Tabaka. Her book is dedicated to “everyone, everywhere, who loves poetry. Poetry is such a personal way of sharing “memories, past events, and found hope”. The author states that she goes “off into many different directions, including some controversial themes that relate to happenings of the present time”. She throws in “a little love and a little color” and invites you to share her journey. There are four chapters in this short book, you can carry anywhere, and enjoy one poem at a time.
In Chapter One, she shares 21 poems including “Running Backwards In Time”. I enjoyed them all, especially the poems “My Story”, “Growing Old” and “Silently Within”. In Chapter Two the author shares 25 poems. I enjoyed all twenty-five, but was touched by her poems titled ““Patchwork Dreams” “The Critic” and “My Insanity”. Chapter Three unfolds 10 poems with my favorites “Early Spring”, “Leaves of Many Colors”, “Ode to the Wind” and “Tree Shaded Path”. Chapter four includes 13 poems include “Your Warmth”, “Tempos Within a Heartbeat”, “And Then There’s Love” and “Aiyana”. Most of the poems have a photo image associated with them. If you enjoy poetry as a way of communication in a world moving at the speed of light, you will enjoy the poetry of Ann Christine Tabaka. Perhaps her short poems will inspire to think like a poet. Review by Theodocia McLean (Book Marketing Global Network).

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