4 thoughts on “Anxiety Attack – published by The Piker Press

  1. This is a heart-wrenching outstanding poem, Christine!!

    So real that I was faced to live inside the memory of my own most recent PTSD panic attack😅😢

    Every word is essential and well-chosen

    The reader feels the sensory impact, of their own anxiety, through your staccato pace, brief lines, splendid word-pictures, and ultimately, a culmination of unmistakable emotion

    Magnificent piece, my friend.

    It resonates with honest pain and draws you reader into the entire terrifying impossible-to-escape-from experience.

    Congratulations on an outstanding achievement!!

    Jill Sharon Kimmelman…✍️👩‍🍳💖🤗👍

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    1. Thank you so much for your kine words Jill!


  2. Hi Ann Christine,

    I found your poem as it is national poetry day in the U.K. and I was looking for poems about anxiety that I could relate to… thanks so much for writing this and helping some of see that we are not alone…

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    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate your reading my work and contacting me!

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