3 thoughts on “Deliverance – published by Spillwords Press

  1. Christine,

    The presentation on the page definitely catches the reader’s eyes and spurs them on to delve into your wonderful poem

    The strength of your imagery succeeds in painting a magnificent picture, while still leaving room for the reader to create their own images…a wonderful gift ( and one that cannot be learned!)

    Each word is essential…again, another memorable story succeeds with an economy of well-chosen words…each one a gem!

    Despite the angst and sadness throughout this poem, you wrap it up, in your final line, with a clear insightful and inspiring perspective of hope❤️

    Congratulations on another excellent poem.

    This is a great read🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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    1. Jill, You are too kind. I am honored by your support of my work.
      Thank you,


  2. I am definitely a fan…and blessed to count you among my small circle of cherished friends❤️


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